Chapel Haven Schleifer Center

1040 Whalley Ave.
New Haven, CT 06515


Chapel Haven West

1701 N. Park Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85719

ADMISSIONS: Catherine Sullivan DeCarlo, 203-397-1714, ext. 148 or Christy Chandler, ext. 185.

AGES/GRADES: Males and females ages 18+ in ungraded 7 day a week, 12 month a year program; includes summer program.

THERAPEUTIC SERVICES: Clients referred to mental health professionals in the area.

THERAPEUTIC ORIENTATION: A program for adults with developmental and social disabilities that is comprised of a licensed education program
and a nationally accredited transitional living program.

POPULATION SERVED: Cognitive and developmental  disabilities, PDD, high functioning autism and autism spectrum, Asperger’s, and learning disabilities.

LICENSURE: Licensed by the CT Dept. of Developmental Services, approved by the CT Dept. of Education, and national accreditation from CARF.

COMMENTS: Founded in 1972 Chapel Haven is a nationally accredited transitional living program and approved private special education school which teaches adults with developmental and social disabilities to live independent lives. Offer three residential programs: REACH, Asperger’s Syndrome Adult Transition, and Chapel Haven West (Tucson, AZ). Students gain practical academics, job development, life skills, apartment living, social communicative competence, recreation and supports for college and vocational pursuits. Graduates may transition into a robust supported living community with lifelong supports. Currently renovating the New Haven campus to include state of the art buildings and expanded services.

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