Stetson School, Inc.

Stetson School, Inc.


An Affiliate of Seven Hills Foundation

455 South St.
Barre, MA 01005


ADMISSIONS: Kathleen O’Connor, Admissions Specialist, 978-355-4541, ext. 4139.

AGES/GRADES: Males ages 9-22 in grades K-12 in a 7 day a week, 12 month a year program. IQ range starting at 50.

THERAPEUTIC SERVICES: Offer intensive residential and education care, intensive group home, and community group home services in 3 different programs located in central MA. Therapeutic programming is based on a 40 week Core Foundation Model clinically focusing on individual, group and family work as well as the completion of specific treatment elements ensuring timely return to the community. Psychosocial assessments are completed within 30 days of intake, and risk assessments and community based family work are on-going throughout treatment. Each youth works with a treatment team consisting of clinician, case/care manager, team administrator, teacher, and residential advocate who are responsible for overseeing treatment and education goal progress. Psychopharmacological services are provided when needed and overseen by board certified child and adolescent psychiatrist. OT, animal assisted therapy, and functional behaviors assessment services are available. Students participate in multiple milieu groups, including but not limited to: recreation, life skills, social skills, and anger management. Strong transitional services provided including college preparation as well as on and off campus vocational/pre-vocational opportunities.

THERAPEUTIC ORIENTATION: Our ACORN Model of Care is rooted in attachment theory, is trauma informed, and focuses on individual needs, strengths, and interests. It is an integrated, evidence informed treatment model focusing on assessing needs and reduction of risk, to ensure safe reintegration to community and accommodates and treats the majority of childhood mental health diagnoses. Services are provided within a relational milieu that is family driven and supportive.

POPULATION SERVED: Adolescents with sexual behavior problems, latency age sexually reactive, sexual misconduct, services for the developmentally delayed, youth on the spectrum, and youth transitioning into adulthood, as well as behaviorally disordered youth who do not display sexual acting out behaviors.


COMMENTS: Main campus located on 200 rural acres which accommodates a therapeutic environment and encourages youth to engage in recreational activities that foster teamwork, problem-solving, and a sense of belonging. Community group home located in Worcester, MA, which affords youth multiple community integration opportunities. COA accredited and fully licensed by the MA Dept. of Early Education and Care and the Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education. Approved to accept international youth as a SEVIS approved school.

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