Riverview Psychiatric Center

Riverview Psychiatric Center

State House Station 11
250 Arsenal Street
Augusta, ME 04333
A public hospital

ADMISSIONS: Jamie Meader, RN or William Nelson, M.D., 207-624-3910.

ADULT: 18 years and up on locked units, 92 bed total; approximately 44 beds are forensic and 48 are for civil commitments or voluntary status.

SPECIALITIES: Riverview treats, stabilizes and rehabilitates persons with the most severe mental illnesses and co-occurring disorders in collaboration with community providers. It is basically the only treatment facility in Maine that provides care for those committed under criminal statutes for observation, care and treatment, and those who require certain highly specialized and long-term programs not available elsewhere.

INSURANCE: Medicare, Medicaid and all major plans.

COMMENTS: Riverview employs peer specialists and is committed to psychiatric rehabilitation and recovery. Riverview sponsors a pre-doctoral psychology internship program, a post-doctoral fellowship, and serves as a training site for other mental health practitioners.

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